Our joints are what allows our body to move. Sometimes they can become injured, achy, and stiff. If not treated correctly, stiff joints can lead to pain, inflammation, and degeneration. I focus on gentle adjustments to restore proper motion into the joint so that it functions normally.

Remember Michael Phelps having dark circles on his upper back and shoulders during the Olympics? Those dark circles are caused by a therapy called "cupping". Placing cups on the skin may increase blood flow to the area and help reduce muscle tightness and pain.

This therapy helps to reduce muscle tightness or spasms, as well as speed the healing process. Using needles allows me to penetrate deep into the muscle to help release the bodies natural pain killers called "endorphins", as well as stimulate muscle firing patterns, or inhibit and calm down overstimulated muscles.

I see a lot of pregnant women in my office and treat them with Webster technique. It's a low force and gentle technique that helps to relax the ligaments around the pelvis to hep alleviate discomfort and ease the birthing process. Once the baby is here, we begin pediatric evaluations and treatments to ensure proper neurological development and help with things like ear aches and infections, colic, and constipation.

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When it comes to choosing a chiropractor it seems like the options are endless. Some things my patients appreciate and enjoy about this office are listed below. Please take the time to explore this website and see the testimonials to make sure you feel like you're in the right place!

No long term treatment plans

No non-necessary and costly services

Problem focused care

Rapid results

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