What to Expect

Every chiropractic office is different, and mine is pretty unique. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable no matter where you end up. Here's a brief summary of what to expect at your first visit to the office.

A Conversation

Before we do anything, we have a conversation about what brought you into the office. During this conversation I'll ask quite a few questions about your pain to ensure you're in the right place. Things like the location of your pain, how it started, what makes it better or worse, as well as your past health history.

An Examination

After our conversation, with your permission, I'll begin an examination. During the exam process, I'll perform many different tests such as muscle testing, joint palpation, deep tendon reflexes, ranges of motion, as well as orthopedic testing. This process gives me further insight into what might be the cause of your condition.

Report of Findings

After we've completed the history and exam, we will discuss the probable cause of your condition. A brief description of the therapies I utilized to treat your condition, the risk factors associated with treatment, the time expected for it to resolve, and costs associated with care. This also provides an opportunity for you to ask questions.


If everything we discussed makes sense to you, and you've had all your questions answered, we obtain your informed consent to care and begin care. Treatment typically consists of myofascial therapy, dry needling, and chiropractic adjustments. Often times you'll also be sent home with exercises or stretches to perform on your own.

Time Commitments

The first visit is usually scheduled for 45 minutes.

Follow-up visits are scheduled for 20-30 minutes.

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